Case Study: Google Ads Transformation for an Executive Education Institute in Germany

The Challenge

Our client, a prestigious Executive Education Institute offering programs in Germany and The Netherlands, was grappling with a high cost per lead and a low number of leads from their Google Ads campaign in Germany. Their clientele includes renowned companies like Microsoft. Despite this, they spent nearly 80 euros for each lead and generated only about 14 monthly leads. They needed a more cost-effective strategy that would increase their lead volume. As their trusted digital marketing partner, Great Results Online was up for the challenge.

The Approach

Our team at Great Results Online took a comprehensive approach to transform the client’s Google Ads campaign. We conducted a thorough analysis to understand the campaign’s performance and identify areas for improvement. We implemented proper conversion tracking to measure the success of the campaign accurately. We also devised a strategy tailored to the client’s needs and goals. Regular management of the Google Ads campaign was key to our approach, allowing us to monitor performance and make necessary adjustments continuously.

The Results

The results of our efforts were impressive. Over six months, we significantly improved the client’s Google Ads campaign performance in Germany. The key achievements include:

  • Reduced the cost per lead by over 60%, from nearly 80 euros to 30 euros.
  • More than doubled the number of monthly leads, increasing from about 14 to 30.

The Outcome

Our strategic approach to managing the client’s Google Ads campaign led to a significant lead increase and a substantial decrease in cost per lead. These results demonstrate our strategies’ effectiveness and commitment to helping our clients achieve their business goals. As we continue our partnership with the client, we look forward to further optimizing their campaigns and driving their ongoing success, including their campaigns in The Netherlands.