Case Study: Adjusting Google Ads for an Automotive Short Lease Company

The Challenge

Our client, an automotive short lease company catering to both B2C and B2B markets, was experiencing a plateau in the number of conversions from their Google Ads campaign due to limited visibility caused by low bids. Their goal was to significantly increase the number of conversions, even if it meant a slight increase in the cost per conversion. As their dedicated digital marketing partner, Great Results Online was ready to drive this transformation.

The Approach

The team at Great Results Online adopted a comprehensive approach to adjusting the client’s Google Ads campaign. We recognized that the low bids were limiting the visibility of their ads and, consequently, the number of conversions. To rectify this, we increased the bids to enhance the visibility of their ads. This approach allowed us to continuously improve the campaign’s performance and achieve the client’s goals.

The Results

Our efforts yielded significant results. The key achievements include:

  • A significant increase in the number of conversions to around 600 per quarter.
  • A slight increase in the cost per conversion from 12 euros to around 15 euros. However, this was a necessary adjustment to increase the absolute number of conversions.

The Outcome

Our strategic approach to managing the client’s Google Ads campaign resulted in a significant increase in the number of conversions, despite a slight increase in the cost per conversion. These results are a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies and our commitment to helping our clients achieve their business goals. As we continue our partnership with the client, we are excited about further optimizing their campaigns and contributing to their ongoing success.