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Great Results Online, a leading digital marketing agency, has recently been showcased on WPML, the go-to platform for creating multilingual WordPress websites. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier, innovative solutions for our clients.

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Featured on WPML

The Nazelie Case: A Multilingual Success Story

The case that earned us this recognition was our work with Nazelie, a skincare products webshop. We successfully developed a multilingual platform for Nazelie, making all content available in English and Russian. This allowed Nazelie to cater to a broader audience and enhance its global reach.

The Challenge: Creating a Multilingual Webshop

The task was to create a seamless user experience for Nazelie’s customers, regardless of their language preferences. This involved translating the content and ensuring the website’s design and functionality were consistent across both languages.

The Solution: Leveraging WPML for Multilingual Development

To achieve this, we leveraged WPML, a powerful tool for creating multilingual websites on WordPress. WPML allowed us to translate Nazelie’s content into Russian, including product descriptions, blog posts, and customer reviews, while maintaining the website’s design and functionality.

The Result: A Successful Multilingual Webshop

The result was a multilingual webshop that caters to English and Russian-speaking customers. Nazelie can now reach a wider audience, providing them a seamless shopping experience in their preferred language.

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"Was able to work with Feisal for several years in the automotive industry. The goal of our cooperation was to generate as much revenue as possible with online activities for customers in this branch. Feisel has a good outlook and pragmatic approach. He has a good commercial background himself, which makes him a good discussion partner for his customers. In addition, he has a good personality and is always up for a joke."

Shercinio Ware

Productmanager @ LeasingMarkt
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"We hired Feisal for almost two years to manage Google Ads campaigns for our customers. Feisal is a creative mind with lots of ideas."

Wilbert Philippo

Founder Leasevergelijker.nl
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"Strongly Recommend Feisal Hensbergen for his Google Adwords and performance marketing skills. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Feisal Hensbergen over the past 2 years, and I am confident in recommending him as an exceptional professional in the field of Performance Marketing. Feisal's dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a standout colleague. Feisal possesses an impressive skill set that extends far beyond the scope of his job description. His ability to project management, problem-solve andtechnical proficiency is truly commendable. I have witnessed firsthand his talent for managing my google adwrods account, where his strategic thinking and attention to detail played a pivotal role in the success of our team."

Wayne Quek

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"I remember the first day Feisal met me in our offices. I was in need of help with Google Ads since we were overpaying and losing money on every click. He fixed my campaign on the spot, so I hired him on the spot. This was back in 2013 and we are still with him now. I recommend Feisal's services warmly"

Asim Mahmood