Boosting eCommerce Conversion Ratio by Almost 50% with Great Results Online

Introduction: Challenging the Status Quo at Great Results Online

At Great Results Online, we’re about maintaining the status quo and challenging it. We did that when we collaborated with our client, Obelisk Books, to improve their business metrics, including time spent on the website, bounce rates, average spend per order, and, most importantly, conversion rates.

Understanding the Audience: A Unique Demographic

Our client’s primary audience consisted of individuals over 45 years old, with the largest group being 55-64 and women being the majority.

The audience we cater to requires a specific level of attention and approach. Instead of overwhelming them with information all at once, we decided to introduce more steps, each with minimal distractions. This thoughtful approach is the reason behind our unique strategy.

A Counterintuitive Approach: Adding Steps to the Checkout Process

We realized that the conventional wisdom of making the checkout process as simple and quick as possible might not apply in this case. Instead, we decided to add steps to the checkout process, a move that might seem counterintuitive.

The Rationale: Catering to Customer Preferences

However, this decision was based on deeply understanding our client’s audience and preferences. We hypothesized that a more detailed checkout process would give customers a sense of security and clarity, leading to increased conversions.

The Results: A Significant Increase in Conversions

The results? A nearly 50% increase in conversions. This case study demonstrates that understanding your audience and being willing to challenge conventional wisdom can significantly improve business performance.

Conclusion: Delivering Great Results through Innovation and Tailored Solutions

At Great Results Online, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals through innovative and tailored solutions. Whether it’s improving conversion rates or enhancing the overall user experience, we’re here to deliver great results.