Landing Page Auditor

All you need to do is upload a screenshot of your landing page, click on the image icon to upload,
wait until it is blue, and ask our landing page auditor for feedback.

You can download a screenshot of your landing page by going to Pikwy, and typing in your URL (including https://).
Make sure to choose “full size” and “png”.

How to still get a full screenshot of your landing page? By using the built-in tools in your browser.
Below are the steps for Google Chrome on a Mac. If you use a different browser, please google the steps yourself.

-> press CMD + OPT + I to open Developer tools (Mac)
-> press CMD + Shift + P to do a command search (Mac)
-> search for 'screenshot'
-> choose 'capture full-size screenshot'

Make sure that you do this after your whole page has been loaded, not to miss any elements.