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Google Ads Audit Checklist (180 items)
January 20, 2024

Over the last years, we have reviewed the Google Ads accounts of over 69 Finance, Real Estate & Automotive oriented businesses.

In doing so, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of what should be included in a successful Google Ads account.

We have an ever-evolving Google Ads account audit checklist, which we use on each new customer to review and determine a starting point to work from.

What started as a ‘short’ checklist quickly snowballed into a 180-point checklist of all the questions we ask or think aloud as we review the account, the website, the competitors, and business goals.

Before you read, you might think some of these points sound extremely obvious.

And they are.

The challenge for you as a leader is that you have biases and can’t read the label from inside the jar.

As Wayne Quek, Head of Home Loan Whiz, commented after working with us for 6 months:

“Feisal is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to digital marketing. I felt he provided huge value by applying all of his experience to my Google Ads campaign – right from setting the account up properly to walking me step by step through campaign creation. I enjoy working with him and would recommend him to anyone seeking help in this area.”

Wayne Quek – Top Singaporean Home Loan Consultant

Below, you can get an impression of what you will receive.

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