Case Study: Revamping Google Ads Campaign for a Leading Mortgage Broker in Singapore

The Challenge

Our client, a leading mortgage broker in Singapore, sought to optimize their Google Ads campaign to drive more conversions and improve their conversion rate. They also wanted to lower their cost per conversion. Great Results Online was tasked with this mission as their trusted digital marketing partner.

The Approach

Our team at Great Results Online employed a multi-faceted approach to revamping the client’s Google Ads campaign. We implemented several key strategies:

  • Landing Page Creation: We designed and created a new landing page optimized for conversions. This page was designed to attract and engage visitors, leading them toward the desired action.
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking: We implemented better Google Ads conversion tracking to measure the campaign’s success and identify improvement areas accurately.
  • Event Measurements in Google Analytics 4: We implemented event measurements in Google Analytics 4 to gain deeper insights into user behavior and interaction with the website.
  • Custom Script for Pipedrive LeadBooster Chat Conversions: We wrote a custom script to track conversions from the Pipedrive LeadBooster chat, providing valuable insights into this specific conversion path.

The Results

The results of our efforts were impressive. In just the first month, we achieved the following:

  • 207.1% More Conversions: The number of conversions more than doubled, indicating a significant increase in users taking the desired action.
  • 117.4% Better Conversion Rate: The conversion rate, or the percentage of visitors who completed the desired action, more than doubled, indicating a more effective campaign.
  • Lowered Cost per Conversion by 17.6%: We decreased the cost per conversion, indicating a more efficient use of the campaign budget.

The Outcome

Our comprehensive approach to revamping the client’s Google Ads campaign significantly improved conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. These results demonstrate our strategies’ effectiveness and commitment to helping our clients achieve their business goals. As we continue our partnership with the client, we look forward to further optimizing their campaigns and driving their ongoing success.